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What is xaters? Information about xaters.

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What is xaters?

What is xaters?

Xaters is a Social site for xat users to connect among other xat users and share avatars, banners, status' and other cool things! Xaters is aimed at those who want to share opinions and their minds and quotes in a status all in one place! We have tons of features which xat users love!
How can I become verified?

Profile Verification

We get a lot of questions on "How do I become verified?" The answer is: We only verify users who we think we can trust and can represent us AND xat.com in the most respectful way, we cannot allow users who have a bad track on xat or xaters to be verified, we normally only verify Xat Volunteers, Forum Moderators ARCBot Staff members (Owners and above) and occasionally Xat Contributors.
We allow users to send us a "Verification" request via their profile, however this will most likely be declined at the start of our opening until we are looking for more users to verify.
Who owns xaters?

The owner of xaters.

Xaters has Two owners: Actavus and Paul.
Actavus and Paul are the two sole owners and the only people who run xaters, the accounts they own are: Actavus, Paul and Admin (System Account). If anybody else claims to be "Owners" please report them immediately.
Who are the staff members?

Xaters Staff Members

The only staff members xaters currently has is: Paul - Actavus and Admin (system account). Nobody else works or represents xaters.